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prunes cake




Egg, egg white

70 oz

Rice flour

24 oz


12 oz

Wheat bran

12 oz

Ricotta cheese

40 oz

Soy drink

1/2 spoon


to taste


to taste

Baking powder for desserts

2 oz


1 unit

Prune puree

10 oz

Dark chocolate chips, vegan

2 oz

Peanut butter

10 oz

Desserts from Italy - Piemonte

prunes cake

prunes cake

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose with nuts high in potassium high in magnesium high in phosphorus

ready in

30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

prunes cake

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, especially if made with ingenious healthy and genuine gives the right charge to face the whole morning and above all helps me to get to lunch without that hungry I would also eat tables ...

prunes cake step 1

step 1

Mount the snowboards firmly to snow.

prunes cake step 2

step 2

Mix each other with cinnamon, ricotta, milk and stevia ... Add to the albums mixing very gently so as not to disassemble them.

prunes cake step 3

step 3

Finally add the dry ingredients, always mix gently.

prunes cake step 4

step 4

Preheat a non-stick frying pan and put inside a coppapasta, pour into the mixture and cook for 15 minutes in a low heat with the lid. Turn it over and cook for another two to three minutes.

prunes cake step 5

step 5

cut it in half and stuff it with a teaspoon of plum jam (I use that made by my father without sugar) and peanut butter.

prunes cake step 6

step 6

Close and garnish with always plum jam, banana and dark chocolate drops.

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