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spicy Orecchiette with broccoli




Orecchiette, pasta

320 grams


400 grams


3 fillets

Pecorino cheese

50 grams


1 wedge

Chili pepper

to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

to taste

first courses from Italy

spicy Orecchiette with broccoli

spicy Orecchiette with broccoli

with gluten with fish with lactose source of C vitamins high in potassium high in phosphorus

ready in

30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

spicy Orecchiette with broccoli

The spicy orecchiette with broccoli is a first very simple dish to make but tasty and the rather simple ingredients. The delicate flavor of broccoli goes well with the more pronounced the anchovies and pecorino cheese and the whole is made even more special by the spicy notes of pepper. The sauce is prepared in a few minutes and this is an ideal dish to prepare if you have unexpected guests and little time.

spicy Orecchiette with broccoli step 1

step 1

Boil the broccoli florets for 10 minutes in a pot of salted boiling water. Put them to drain in a colander and keep the cooking water, which will subsequently be used to cook the orecchiette

spicy Orecchiette with broccoli step 2

step 2

Desalinate the anchovies rinsed under running water, split in half, remove the central bone and set aside the six fillets obtained. Chop the garlic and cut the cheese flakes with the help of an if

spicy Orecchiette with broccoli step 3

step 3

Heat up a fairly large pan and fry the garlic in a little olive oil and hot pepper cut into small pieces. Add the chopped anchovies and also make them melt mixing velocemen

spicy Orecchiette with broccoli step 4

step 4

Put on heat the water from cooking the broccoli and as soon resumes a boil, add the orecchiette. Drain al dente, add to the sauce along with the florets kept aside and blast it all

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