Vegan white lasagna




Salvia fresca

1 spoon

Pepe nero

to taste


1 half

Panna di soia vegana

100 grams


60 grams

Vegan white lasagna

Vegan white lasagna

pronta in

40 minuti



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100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

questo piatto è

vegano con glutine con noci

Foto Ricetta Vegan white lasagna

Very easy lasagna made with soy Vegan cream and grated cheese.

Foto ricetta passaggio grated vegan cheese

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grated vegan cheese

Foto preparazione Vegan white lasagna

step 1

In boiling water blanch the three sheets of lasagna without egg I used those spelled, but those are fine semolina. Meanwhile, cut into chunks Lea zucchini.
Foto preparazione Vegan white lasagna

step 2

Spice and season to taste the zucchini, then pass it in the pan a few minutes to wither. Dial the lasagna.
Foto preparazione Vegan white lasagna

step 3

Layer of soy cream, puff pastry, zucchini, soy cream, parmesan vegan, pastry, zucchini, cream, pastry, zucchini, cream and parmesan much.
Foto preparazione Vegan white lasagna

step 4

Bake in oven at 220 for 30 minutes and enjoy still hot ... But warm is excellent! It will warm your heart and think back to the old days.

fabbisogno giornaliero (per persona)

Main +

Calories 510.83 kcal n.d.

Fat 24.52 g n.d.

Carbohydrates 63.34 g n.d.

Protein 17.7 g n.d.

Fibers 7.38 g n.d.

Water 78.6 g n.d.

Ashes 3.01 g n.d.

Sugars 5.01 g n.d.

Starch 46.92 g n.d.

Minerals +

Calcium 141.65 mg n.d.

Sodium 47.07 mg n.d.

Phosphorus 455.61 mg n.d.

Potassium 834.48 mg n.d.

Iron 4.69 mg n.d.

Magnesium 205.55 mg n.d.

Zinc 3.63 mg n.d.

Copper 1.09 mg n.d.

Manganese 1.88 mg n.d.

Selenium 7.57 mcg n.d.

Fluorine 0.34 mcg n.d.

Vitamins +

A 0.0 mcg n.d.

A IU 490.24 IU n.d.

A RAE 24.87 mcgRAE n.d.

B1 0.26 mg n.d.

B2 0.35 mg n.d.

B3 2.79 mg n.d.

B5 0.89 mg n.d.

B6 0.38 mg n.d.

B9 0.0 mcg n.d.

B12 0.0 mcg n.d.

C 26.29 mg n.d.

E 7.02 mg n.d.

B12 added 0.0 mcg n.d.

D 0.0 mcg n.d.

K 44.52 mcg n.d.

Lipids +

Monounsaturated 13.84 g n.d.

Polyunsaturated 5.5 g n.d.

Saturated 3.26 g n.d.

Cholesterol 0.0 mg n.d.

Amino acids +

Phenylalanine 0.99 g n.d.

Isoleucine 0.76 g n.d.

Histidine 0.48 g n.d.

Leucine 1.46 g n.d.

Lysine 0.67 g n.d.

Methionine 0.25 g n.d.

Tyrosine 0.43 g n.d.

Threonine 0.65 g n.d.

Tryptophan 0.24 g n.d.

Valine 0.93 g n.d.

Other +

Ethyl alcohol 0.0 g n.d.

Caffeine 0.0 mg n.d.

Theobromine 0.0 mg n.d.

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