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of bread rolls




Bread for sandwiches

4 slices

Milano Salami

150 grams

Fresh scamorza cheese

200 grams


300 grams

Type 00 wheat flour

200 grams


2 unit

Iodized salt

1 pinch

single courses from Italy - Puglia

of bread rolls

of bread rolls

with meat with gluten with eggs with lactose source of B vitamins high in iron high in calcium high in potassium

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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of bread rolls

The white bread rolls are ideal as a starter, as a main dish, or an excellent dinner easy and quick to prepare

of bread rolls step 1

step 1

Cut in half slices of bread, we are standing one by one on a sheet of baking paper and rolling pin to pull until they become thin.

of bread rolls step 2

step 2

We arrange for each slice the salami and scamorza cut a piece of a bit 'double strip, rolled up the slices of bread squeezing well.

of bread rolls step 3

step 3

In a bowl we put the eggs salt and enjoy a little 'zenzaroe powder amalgamiamo all,

of bread rolls step 4

step 4

We take of bread rolls and pass first in flour, then egg and then in breadcrumbs doing adhere well.

of bread rolls step 5

step 5

Let's review again only the tips of the rolls, the first in the 'egg and then in bread crumbs and hands do adhere well to the tips.

of bread rolls step 6

step 6

We arrange the rolls of bread in a greased pan with a little 'oil, we well above the rolls a bit' of oil,

of bread rolls step 7

step 7

We put the pan in the oven preheated ventilated a250g fine when they are golden brown.

of bread rolls step 8

step 8

They should be served piping hot, or as in the photo, a chicory salad with raisins and walnuts, dressed with oil and vinegar salt and pepper, or as desired.

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