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Dry tomato sauce




Vegetable milk

1 coffee cup

Extra virgin olive oil

to taste

Lemon juice

1 coffee cup

Dried pine nuts

50 oz


to taste


1 sprig


5 leafs


1/2 stem

Dry tomatoes

1 cup

Sauces from Italy

Dry tomato sauce

Dry tomato sauce

vegan with nuts high in potassium with good fats

ready in

5 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Dry tomato sauce

Tasty sauce to spread or as a seasoning of a nice pasta dish

Dry tomato sauce step 1

step 1

Find the dried tomatoes for at least ten minutes in the water. Rinse them, cut them and pour them into the drip mixer container.

Dry tomato sauce step 2

step 2

Roll the pine nuts for a few minutes in a non-stick frying pan until they start to sweat, and add them to the tomatoes.

Dry tomato sauce step 3

step 3

Continue by joining the rest of the rest: the celery cut into fragments of herbs, a few drops of lemon juice, a line of oil and milk.

Dry tomato sauce step 4

step 4

Begin to shake, several times to not tire too much the blender, and taste, to decide on the character you want to give to your sauce.

Dry tomato sauce step 5

step 5

If you use the sauce to season the pasta, I recommend that you also stew it with the cooking water.

Dry tomato sauce step 6

step 6

You can think of replacing pine nuts with almonds, or sunflower seeds: in either case you get a great result!

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