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Lentil ragout





100 oz

Canned tomato sauce, without salt

200 oz

Extra virgin olive oil

2 spoons


4 ladles


1 wedge


1 wedge


1 unit

Dried chillies

a bit


2 pinches

Sauces from Italy

Lentil ragout

Lentil ragout

vegan high in fiber high in potassium

ready in

30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Lentil ragout

Vegan variant of the classic meat sauce: simple, healthy but above all fast. You can use it immediately (to season pasta, timbales or cannelloni) or keep it safely in the freezer!

Lentil ragout step 1

step 1

Cut the carrot and onion into small or large cubes

Lentil ragout step 2

step 2

In the meantime, wash the lentil in running water, changing the water until it becomes transparent. NB I have followed the instructions on the envelope; you refer to the instructions on your box :)

Lentil ragout step 3

step 3

Fry the onion and carrot in oil and garlic until golden brown

Lentil ragout step 4

step 4

Remove the garlic and add the tomato puree with 1 ladle of water; cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes

Lentil ragout step 5

step 5

Add the lentils (previously washed and drained), salt and 3 ladles of water. Leave to cook over medium heat for another 20-25 min, stirring occasionally and checking that it does not dry out too much (if necessary add water).

Lentil ragout step 6

step 6

When cooked, the mixture must be creamy (not too liquid). With an immersion blender, whisk roughly ...

Lentil ragout step 7

step 7

... until you get a mixture very similar to real meat sauce!

Lentil ragout step 8

step 8

For storage: In the refrigerator (to be consumed within 2/3 days) or in the freezer in glass jars (e.g. jams) or airtight containers. Et voila, good appetite

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