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sweet ravioli




Type 2 wheat flour

300 oz

Brown cane sugar

100 oz

Vanilla powder

1/4 teaspoon

Baking powder for desserts

1 teaspoon

Grated lemon peel

1 teaspoon

Extra virgin olive oil

40 oz

Sunflower oil

40 oz


80 oz


2 spoons

Desserts from Italy

sweet ravioli

sweet ravioli

vegan with gluten with good fats

ready in

45 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

sweet ravioli

a rustic dessert, the type most appreciated by me, simple and tasty that can also become spectacular once dusted with icing sugar

sweet ravioli step 1

step 1

Prepare all the ingredients already weighed.

sweet ravioli step 2

step 2

In a bowl, mix the buckets well to distribute the yeast evenly.

sweet ravioli step 3

step 3

Add the liquids, even weighed in the same container, and mix until you get a ball.

sweet ravioli step 4

step 4

If you want to leave the pastry to rest, cover it with the food wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. But you can also use it right away, it will still be fine: it will only be a little softer to work with.

sweet ravioli step 5

step 5

Heat the oven at 180º static. To easily spread the dough, slightly greasy, it can be helpful to place it between two sheets of parchment paper.

sweet ravioli step 6

step 6

or cut out circles of 8-10 cm, put a teaspoon of jam in the center, close in half and seal the edges with the prongs of a fork. I use a plastic tool that on one side allows you to cut the pastry circle, and on the other to form the ravioli.

sweet ravioli step 7

step 7

Place the stuffed biscuits on the bake pan in the oven and cook in static mode for 15-20 minutes.

sweet ravioli step 8

step 8

Once the sweet ravioli are baked, wait for them to cool and - if you like - sprinkle them with the whole cane sugar that you can make with the recipe already posted here.

sweet ravioli step 9

step 9

Tips: Once the circles have been made, re-mix the cuttings and always place them between the two sheets of parchment paper. Continue like this until the short pastry has been used up.

sweet ravioli step 10

step 10

Tips: This pastry can also be used for simple biscuits and pies.

sweet ravioli step 11

step 11

Suggestions: The filling of ravioli can also be different, for example with a chocolate and hazelnut cream or with a mix of dried fruit like that of the scones already posted here.

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