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Savory pie feta and eggplant!




Type 00 wheat flour

300 oz

Feta cheese

100 oz

Semiskimmed milk

160 oz

Instant yeast for savoury dough

6 oz


2 oz

Extra virgin olive oil

15 oz


2 unit

Fresh thyme

1 sprig

Cherry tomatoes

200 oz

Feta cheese

150 oz

Tomato pulp

200 oz

single courses from Italy

Savory pie feta and eggplant!

Savory pie feta and eggplant!

vegetarian with gluten with lactose source of B vitamins high in calcium high in potassium high in magnesium

ready in

1 hour 30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Savory pie feta and eggplant!

A base without butter or eggs to accommodate aubergines, feta and cherry tomatoes!

Savory pie feta and eggplant! step 1

step 1

First we take care of the aubergines, which we will wash and cut in half and then sliced ​​about a centimeter, cooking them in a pan or hot plate. or usually the brushes just raised from the grill, with a tear of oil. Let's keep aside.

Savory pie feta and eggplant! step 2

step 2

Weigh the amount of feta we need for the base and using a chopper (or if you want, a fork), crumble. Sift flour and baking powder in a large bowl and add the oil, salt, crumbled feta cheese and some milk.

Savory pie feta and eggplant! step 3

step 3

We initially work with a fork, adding the remaining milk a little at a time, until you get a firm dough and not sticky, with a consistency that resembles that of a brisèe.

Savory pie feta and eggplant! step 4

step 4

We spread on a sheet of parchment paper helping us with a lightly floured rolling pin, so that the feta does not stick, up to a thickness of half a centimeter, a little less. We transfer to the pan.

Savory pie feta and eggplant! step 5

step 5

Let's take care of the filling after turning on the oven at 200 °, so that when the cake is mounted it has reached the temperature. Cut the tomatoes in half (or in 4, if they were great) and gather in a bowl, seasoning them with a little oil, salt and oregano.

Savory pie feta and eggplant! step 6

step 6

I used it in raw, seasoned only with a pinch of salt and oregano. Let's go and whip our cake: on the bottom we distribute the past, helping with the back of the spoon, then the eggplant and finally feta and cherry tomatoes.

Savory pie feta and eggplant! step 7

step 7

Go in a hot oven at 200 ° for 45 minutes, then 15 minutes with the heat only in the lower part (or arrange the grating as low as possible). Let it cool in the pan for 15 minutes before unmolding and cutting!

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