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Mussels with tomato sauce





to taste


1 sprig


to taste

Iodized salt

to taste


2 wedges


20 grams

Homemade tomato sauce

300 grams

Extra virgin olive oil

to taste


2000 grams

Sauces from Italy

Mussels with tomato sauce

Mussels with tomato sauce

with shellfish source of B vitamins high in iron source of C vitamins high in potassium high in phosphorus

ready in

30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Mussels with tomato sauce

Mussels really tasty and also serve on pasta

Mussels with tomato sauce step 1

step 1

Wash the mussels thoroughly, quickly passing them under cold water, once clean place them in a saucepan and cover, as the mussels open Leval and put them aside

Mussels with tomato sauce step 2

step 2

When they are all open helping with a fork to not burn, separates the mussels from the shells and keep them.

Mussels with tomato sauce step 3

step 3

Now anoint a frying pan with a little 'extra virgin, foul oil warm up a bit' and add two crushed garlic cloves and chopped onion, chilli if you prefer, you have to add time, when the onion is golden

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Mussels with tomato sauce step 4

step 4

Add the tomato sauce, season with salt, if you have not put the chili, add pepper, pour a glass of mussels cooking water, filtered, do low heat to simmer for twenty minutes.

Mussels with tomato sauce step 5

step 5

Now add the mussels that you put aside and do warm up for about ten minutes, when everything is ready, put a handful of fresh chopped parsley.

Mussels with tomato sauce step 6

step 6

If you like you can add a sprinkling of oregano after you've put the past. With this sauce you can really dress many kinds of pasta, here I've used some great linguine.

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