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Ham and melon paste




Olio extravergine di oliva

to taste

Parmigiano grattugiato

to taste


to taste

Sale iodato

to taste


5 leafs

Meloni d'estate

250 oz

Prosciutto crudo

150 oz

Pasta di semola

320 oz

Primi Piatti from Italia

Ham and melon paste

Ham and melon paste

with meat with gluten with lactose

ready in

15 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Ham and melon paste

Plain simple and fast

Ham and melon paste step 1

step 1

Boil the pasta and in the meantime cut the ham in strips and make it crisp in a hot pan.

Ham and melon paste step 2

step 2

Once ready, place it in a plate on the absorbent paper to remove the fat residue and keep the frying pan in which part of the ham fat will be dissolved.

Ham and melon paste step 3

step 3

Cut the small cubic melon (about 0.5 cm per side).

Ham and melon paste step 4

step 4

Take half and fry them quickly in frying pan to taste it. Put the rest in a bowl with a piece of oil, salt, pepper and basil to pieces, mix and leave aside.

Ham and melon paste step 5

step 5

Once the pasta is ready, drain and fry for a few seconds on the fire in the pan with the melon and part of the crunchy ham.

Ham and melon paste step 6

step 6

Then, turn off the sponge, add the rest of the melon and skip everything to mix well.

Ham and melon paste step 7

step 7

Apply by adding the rest of the crunchy ham, a spoon of oil and pepper and a sprinkling of cheese.

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