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Cocoa donut




Farina di frumento tipo 00

300 oz

Zucchero di canna

300 oz

Cacao amaro

75 oz

Latte parzialmente scremato

200 fl oz

Olio di semi di girasole

90 fl oz


3 unit

Lievito per dolci

1 unit

Dolci from Italia

Cocoa donut

Cocoa donut

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose high in potassium high in phosphorus with good fats

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Cocoa donut

A sweet and greener sweet for breakfast in the morning!

Cocoa donut step 1

step 1

Turn the oven to 180 °. Tare and flour a donut mold.

Cocoa donut step 2

step 2

On a planetary put the ingredients: eggs, seed oil, milk, sugar, sifted flour, bitter cocoa sifted and knead for 30/40 seconds.

Cocoa donut step 3

step 3

Add the sifted yeast and knead slowly for a few seconds.

Cocoa donut step 4

step 4

Pour into the mold and put into the oven for 40/50 '

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