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Peppers stuffed with tofu and ginger




Olio extravergine di oliva

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Menta fresca

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Peppers stuffed with tofu and ginger

Peppers stuffed with tofu and ginger

vegano fonte di Vit gruppo B ricco in ferro ricco in calcio fonte di Vit C ricco in potassio

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45 minuti


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100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Foto Ricetta Peppers stuffed with tofu and ginger

one delicious dish, a lighter reinterpretation of the usual stuffed peppers thanks to Ginger touch!

Foto preparazione Peppers stuffed with tofu and ginger

step 1

Wash the pepper and cut the upper part to open, empty seeds and allow to dry.

Foto preparazione Peppers stuffed with tofu and ginger

step 2

Mix all the vegetables for the filling, add more soy milk if necessary!

Foto preparazione Peppers stuffed with tofu and ginger

step 3

Season with salt and ginger and fill the pepper. Put in oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

fabbisogno giornaliero
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Main +

Calories 454.28 kcal n.d.

Fat 30.88 g n.d.

Carbohydrates 25.7 g n.d.

Protein 21.14 g n.d.

Fibers 9.99 g n.d.

Water 420.05 g n.d.

Ashes 7.43 g n.d.

Sugars 9.27 g n.d.

Starch 0.95 g n.d.

Minerals +

Calcium 958.89 mg n.d.

Sodium 1420.9 mg n.d.

Phosphorus 320.23 mg n.d.

Potassium 1297.07 mg n.d.

Iron 6.5 mg n.d.

Magnesium 117.92 mg n.d.

Zinc 2.93 mg n.d.

Copper 0.78 mg n.d.

Manganese 1.78 mg n.d.

Selenium 21.04 mcg n.d.

Fluorine 3.31 mcg n.d.

Vitamins +

A 6.23 mcg n.d.

B1 0.4 mg n.d.

B2 0.5 mg n.d.

B3 5.97 mg n.d.

B5 0.71 mg n.d.

B6 0.64 mg n.d.

B9 0.0 mcg n.d.

B12 1.19 mcg n.d.

C 44.56 mg n.d.

E 5.04 mg n.d.

B12 added 0.0 mcg n.d.

D 1.32 mcg n.d.

K 41.27 mcg n.d.

Total choline (Vit. J) 37.03 mg n.d.

Lipids +

Monounsaturated 9.76 g n.d.

Polyunsaturated 7.61 g n.d.

Saturated 3.09 g n.d.

Cholesterol 0.0 mg n.d.

unsaturated 17.37 g n.d.

Amino acids +

Phenylalanine 0.91 g n.d.

Isoleucine 0.92 g n.d.

Histidine 0.54 g n.d.

Leucine 1.44 g n.d.

Lysine 1.26 g n.d.

Methionine 0.24 g n.d.

Tyrosine 0.63 g n.d.

Threonine 0.84 g n.d.

Tryptophan 0.28 g n.d.

Valine 0.97 g n.d.

Other +

Ethyl alcohol 0.0 g n.d.

Caffeine 0.0 mg n.d.

Theobromine 0.0 mg n.d.

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